Our story.

The  full timeline of NextRound

A visualisation of the history and the future of the company

2017 & 2018

  • Researchers at the VU noticed the lack of data while fighting
  • We did various interviews and started designing
  • The first model was born! A boxing bag that can get hit every 5 seconds while hanging still
  • We got our first investment to research product potential


  • After a year of development we created a boxing bag with a scientific software to show the accurate data in a basic way
  • We got our second investment to researched the market and company potential 
  • We founded the company Sports-f(x) BV in september 2019.


  • We got our third investment to expand the team and start partnerships
  • NextRound was created and trademarked
  • Focus on improving the software and the hardware next to setting up a company.
  • Patent pending on the invention.
  • In the upcoming months we are launching the newest version.

Next years

  • We are still looking for an investor that agrees with our mission and wants to join us in designing the future.
  • Our plan is to expand the team and to create various workout experiences that suit as many people as possible!

How did it start?

The timeline started three years ago. Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit were surprised by the lack of data fighters get while training. It was extremely hard to accurately measure the impact, location or speed of punches or kicks. How fun would it be if we created something completely new? All the fighters preferred a free hanging boxing bag that could measure the data. In this case they would not have to adapt to 2D platforms or other substitutes. So we went to work…

To measure accurate data out of a boxingbag was quite a challenge. We are very lucky to work with some of the best scientists in The Netherlands. The team managed to figured out a way to measure accurate data in a way that is never seen before.

Not just for the elite fighters

We noticed that the live feedback of the data and insights fighters get from using the system have such great value. We decided to not just keep the system as a research tool, but to reach many more people. Also people who never fought before.

More than measuring data

Our team saw the potential and decided to share the innovation with the rest of the world. We don’t just see a boxing bag that can measure data, but we see the system as a tool for people to improve their physical and mental fitness

Improving physical and mental fitness through a revolutionary intelligent boxing system.
The perfect full body workout, anywhere and anytime.

At the start of the timeline

The idea started at the Vrije University in Amsterdam in 2017 and the first versions of the NextRound Boxing system were designed. Did you know we were called Strike-f(x) back in 2018 and 2019?

Slowely the system developed into the current one. We developed the software, created the brand NextRound and worked on an even better hardware. We believe we can still improve a lot in the upcoming years. The journey has started a while ago, but the best years are still to come.

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