Strike-fx becomes nextround.


Strike-fx becomes NextRound. Scaling up the company!

Some people will know us as Strike-fx. The research group that was based at the Vrije University in Amsterdam. After completing the design for the boxing system we decided to create a brand that fits the mission and vision. Strike-fx becomes NextRound! A brand that helps you to win in life by improving your physical and mental fitness.

Our office moved from Demonstrator-Lab to Venture Studios. We collaborated with Strange Love Digital agency and our team expanded to five. In the upcoming months we will be looking for new investments. We will continue improving the NextRound Boxing system and spreading our mission. Later this year we expect to launch the newest version. 

We are more than ready for the NextRound.

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About Strike-fx

Before the brand NextRound was created, we were known under the name Strike-fx. Our research group saw the potential of the intelligent boxing bag created by the Vrije University. Dominic, Sanne, Nico and Nilas van Woersem worked on a measurement system that would be used in science and by elite fighters. The system was mainly focussing on measuring data of fighters to provide insights in their performance. This research and the outcome is nowadays still very important to us and our company.

After the research and development were finished, the team decided to go their own path. Dominic stayed as an inventor and is closely involved in the current and coming phases. Early live sessions connect the Australian researcher and the current co-founders weekly. We will keep focussing on the scientific background of the start-up.

Nilas has become one of the co-founders of the company and brought Tim van der Vaart on board. Now the team is quickly growing and building on the company NextRound. Feel free to contact us if you are curious about the latest updates!

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