Our Mission.


Optimize yourself.

Data-driven training approach to optimize human potential, both physically and mentally.

Eastern cultures have always known that mind training is essential for physical success.

Whether you seek for competitive glory or not, martial arts training improves qualities that can breed success in every facet of daily life.

Body & mind.

Martial arts is not only a rigorous physical activate that will push our limits as humans, it is also an amazing way to enhance the mental fitness and to synchronize the body and mind.

This results not only in optimal levels of health and vitality, but also in enhanced focus, emotional energy and the ability to relax under stress.

Additionally, learning to fight and defend makes us more confident, which also permeates into our daily lives, whether it is at the office or in the classroom.


However, times are changing. People have less time on their hands and have a big need for data-driven training and immediate progress.

Performance data is a huge trend in the world of sports in general but equipment for acquiring this performance data has been lacking in martial arts.

Furthermore, the limited time we can and want to spent on exercise has a big influence on what kind of workout we choose to do.

Our aim.

With NextRound, we hope to solve these problems by providing the user with full-body martial arts workouts while giving accurate and reliable data feedback.

This enables the user to practice on their own way and their own pace, and enjoy all the benefits that comes with a martial arts training.

Our aim is to improve people’s everyday performance by doing an empowering and fun martial arts workout every day.

NextRound Boxing.

A revolutionary workout experience  to improve your physical and mental fitness in the best possible way.

Our product