Attract new members 

 How NextRound can help 

 Offer an unique & innovative experience as one of the first gyms in the world 

 Offer (free) data-based introduction workouts for potential customers and create personalised workout schemes to keep them coming back for more

 Show what you stand for by posting engaging & interactive content on social media 

 Get new members in your gym by organising events & competitions.




 Improve client loyalty 

 How NextRound can help 

Offer personalised data-based workouts that fit the level of every individual member

Stay in touch with your members outside of the gym & let members take home their performance data

Grow and empower your gym community by offering co-op workouts and organizing individual or team challenges.

Offer on-demand guidance and motivation through our video-guided workouts for when there is no trainer available.




 Empower your business

 How NextRound can help 

Support your personal trainers to engage & challenge their members by showing live performance feedback and various data metrics to play around with.


Create new income streams by offering engaging in-depth data-based personal training


Get a system that works and shows reliable data. NextRound is created at the Vrije Universiteit & has won the Dutch Sports Innovation Award in 2020.