Impact Sense Technology

Measure accurate data of martial arts performances.

NextRound created the world’s first accurate smart boxing bag together with a team of the best scientists of Amsterdam and fighters of The Netherlands.

Which started as a project at the Vrije University in Amsterdam, turned out to become the future of combat sports. Scroll down to read the details.



To measure is to know

Measure accurate data of every punch and kick. Check all the details and play challenges with multiple variables.

Number of hits

Hit the bag with your fists, elbows or legs and keep track of all your punches and kicks.


Measure the force of every hit in kilograms and add up every single hit to get the total force.


It ain’t all about force! Measure the speed of the hits in hits/minute. How fast do you hit?


Measure the intensity of your workout and check your stamina. Can you keep up? 


Keeping it simple and pure

We believe that, to measure relevant data, the fighter should not have to adapt his/her workout. Every adaptation, mentally or physically, could lead to invalid data.

One of the greatest powers of NextRound is that all the data is measured by the smart boxing bag. There is no need to put wearables on your body, put sensors in your wraps, or adapt your regular workout routine. Just workout like you are used to, we take care of the rest.

The bag is hand made in The Netherlands and weights 43kg. It is filled with environmental friendly cutting waste to give the bag the natural feeling you are used to.

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