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Creating the future of sports with an award-winning intelligent fighting system.

Measure accurate impact, location, precision and intensity on our revolutionary product

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The NextRound innovation

Measure accurate data and gamify your workout experience


Measure accurate data

A product created by the best scientists of The Netherlands at the Vrije University. A sciencebased quality and minimal error margin.

Gamified experience

Follow fight lessons and workouts created by the NextRound professionals and community. Make use of the gamification techniques and stay engaged while working out.

Save and Share

Keep track of your progress and share it with the world. Compare your results with your workout buddies and prepare your next round.

Our mission

Whether you seek for competitive glory or not, martial arts training improves qualities that can breed success in every facet of daily life.

Our aim is to improve people’s everyday performance by doing an empowering and fun martial arts workout every day.

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The most engaging full body workout

Experience the revolutionary kickboxing workouts from NextRound Boxing.

Measure extremely accurate data of your kickboxing performance. What is your maximum force and speed? And how precise are your punches and kicks?

Play workouts and fight lessons based on your personal skill level. Designed by our kickboxing professionals and human movement scientists.

Analyse results with by yourself or send them to your personal trainer. Are you making progress? And are you ready for the next level?

Invite friends from all over the world and train together with your workout buddies.

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