For home fitness.

Bring the NextRound Boxing experience to your home! Work out like never before and bring your fitness to the next level. Be surprised by the accuracy and the endless possibilities of the boxing bag. Keep track of your progress and experience the gamification we build just for you. Workout together with a friend and compare your results. Is your friend not allowed to join you at home (you never know in these corona times…) just share your personal account in the NextRound application.


Workout from your place, at your pace

Do one of the most effective and fun workout at the comfort of your own home, whenever you want!

Save time and money by placing the NextRound Boxing system in your own home. Share experiences with your family members and bring your fitness to the next level.

Our human behavioural scientists are using techniques from the most popular games to keep you engaged in a healthy way. Together with you, we will find the best way get the most out of yourself. Our goal is to increase your physical and mental fitness in the best way possible! Before you know, you workout even more than you always wanted to 😉

Measure extremely accurate data of your kickboxing performance. What is your maximum force and speed? And how precise are your punches and kicks?

Play workouts and fight lessons based on your personal skill level. Designed by our kickboxing professionals and human movement scientists.

Analyse results with by yourself or send them to your personal trainer. Are you making progress? Are you ready for the next level?

Invite friends from all over the world and train together with your workout buddies.

What NextRound can do for you

How the NextRound Boxing system helps you to improve your physical and mental fitness

Analyse the accurate data in your personal profile to track your progress and set goals for the coming months. Together we will create the best version of yourself.

Make use of our gamified workouts and lessons to keep learning, to keep progressing and, most importantly, to keep having fun.

As part of our software deal we update the system every month. You will always get new workouts and the system will only get better and better.

Play together with friends and share results with the world in the NextRound community

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