For Fitnessclubs.

Attract more members with a futuristic workout experience without signing high cost long term contracts. Keep your members engaged with data based personal training or let them workout with a NextRound training without your constant supervision. Let every member track progress of their workouts and let the trainers stay in touch with your members through our NextRound application.

If you want to help people to increase their physical and mental fitness, we will be your sidekick.

Distinquish your gym by offering this unique kickboxing experience

Keep your members engaged from the very beginning and offer an experience they have never seen before.

Your members can measure extremely accurate data of their kickboxing workouts. Give them insight in their performance and their progress. Together we improve.

Members with different skills levels can play workouts and fight lessons that fit their style. Designed by our human behavioural professionals and sports scientists.

Analyse the results with your members or let them share their results with experts in the NextRound app. Anywhere and anytime.

Increase the engagement in the gym by letting small groups of friend play together with our system. Your members will share results with the world in the NextRound community.

What NextRound can do for your fitnessclub

How the NextRound Boxing system helps you improve the return on investment

Distinguish yourself and attract new members for your gym with this innovative and unique gamified workout experience.

Improve the retention of your members by personalised workouts, data-based feedback, social sharing and other unique functions.

Create new or higher revenue streams by using the systems in group lessons or provide  data focussed service in an one on one lesson.

Don’t worry about the investment. W have low prices and keep everything flexible. Low risks, high results.

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